Well, here I start again with the website in 2018. Home is still here in the Central part of Montana. We are still raising Cattle and Registered Texel and Icelandic sheep. We have some crossbreds but they are used in our breed-up part of our Texel flock. How long this will be available to us and others will be decided in the future. Right now we are doing our best to increase our genetics and size of our Texel flock and maintain our small Icelandic flock.

Dale and I are still keeping busy with the day to day challenges of Ranching. We are looking to hopefully bring our daughter Boo on full time in the next few years and take some time to do some fun stuff. Boo is starting to bring Bees onto the ranch in hopes of diversifying some more and adding to the fun. Yes, bees can be fun and are very interesting. Being stung not so fun but it does not happen too often. The girls ( bees are predominately female) are pretty good to be around most of the time.

Back to the sheep:
Well it worked and we have two AI ram lambs that we will be using in our flock this fall. One is out of the P09 ram and the other is from the 1183 ram. To see more on the sire to these boys look to Patrea Pabst website as I believe that she still has some semen on them. We have sold all of our other texel ram lambs for 2018. Thank you to Margaret Munion as these boys will be headed to South Dakota soon as we can meet up along with 2 yearling rams. One other yearling ram is going south of Helena to Cherie Moldenhauer’s place to take a look at some Katahdin ewes. Can’t wait to see how the lambs look next spring. Thanks to Cherie and Russ for their purchase. We do have some nice Texel ewe lambs that would like a new home. I believe that there are 8 and a couple of yearling ewes also,these are registered or will be, purebreds.

For the Icelandics we have two nice AI horned triplet rams left. They are by Eldar and out of the 35A ewes. She raised all of them this year by herself and did a bang-up job. The other triplet has already found a home with Brooke Martin and Kent Sugden. Thanks to them for their purchase. This year I will be AI-ing 35 to a polled ram so hopefully we will have some nice polled babies. We are hopefully adding a new ram from Jeannie Reid this year, just waiting on some of the testing to see if he will be getting here soon.

The yearling ewes and all of the other ewes and rams were tested for OPP this year. We had two positive yearling ewes and they have left the premises. The replacement lambs have not been tested yet as they had not reached over 6 months of age and had not been weaned long enough. We OPP tested with the Elitest from U of Minn. We have also been working on getting our records into the NSIP data base for the texel, I am not sure if I will get the Icelandics done this year with NSIP.

One fun thing I did this year was to take the Ultrasound course put on by ASI and NSIP in Moscow, ID. It was a good trip and I learned some things. Even at my age. I recently found out that I passed the class and will be looking into the purchase of an ultrasound machine. These are not cheap and hopefully I can find a unit in my price range or talk my vet into allowing me to rent an older unit that he has.

We are still driving each other crazy and our family seems to be health & happy and what more can you as for? Last year was a hard winter but not like we haven’t had them before. We were blessed to survive, sell our steer calves at a good price, and get on with life. Call or come visit, the coffee is always on.
Dale and Lilly LeVeque