With Boo changing things up, she is now selling our locally grown, fed and processed beef.  These are calves that we have raised, fed and are processed in Montana.  How much Local Beef can you get? Grass fed and grain finished, but not too much grain.  They are still on pasture so are getting their exercise.   We put in a walk-in freezer so she has the meat depot set up and can sell 1/2’s, 1/4’s and boxes.  We are looking forward to working in the future with a Federally inspected plant so we can ship beef out of state. Beef now is State inspected.

Boo has also increased her number of hives this year.  Hopefully with more hives = more honey.  She might even have some comb honey for sale, but we will have to see how the bees did on that one. Honey will be available in Sept as we are extracting the end of August.  You can send me an email and I will make sure I reply with Boo’s number so you can talk to her personally about local beef, bees or honey.