2017 where has the year gone. This fall I had two AI ram lambs for sale. One went so fast that I could not post him. His triplet brother is here and a little larger than the moorit grey that sold. He is a Lykill son out of one of my best producing ewes. He has morrit spots in his ears so am thinking he carries moorit or is moorit but no promises.

He is polled, his brother had small scurs and his other brother had small horns.  It was definitely a ram year for me as I only had 1 ewe lamb born.  Thanks to Charis Farms for my two new yearling ewes.  Can’t wait to breed them this fall.  This big boy weighed 105lbs on the 29th of July, his brother 95 lbs and the ram triplet to them we bummed weighed 85.  Can’t complain there.  We do not like to leave triplets on the ewe and with the dry weather we have been having it was a good decision.

Contact us if you would like this big boy to call your own.