Icelandic sheep are a triple-purpose heritage breed of sheep. Icelandic have several fun traits as color, personality, horned or polled, grass-based, medium sized sheep.

We started with Icelandic sheep and have continued to find them the best tasting lamb. They are probably the smartest sheep also. While not docile, they are workable and have a great degree of maternal instinct. The yearling ewes are very protective of their lambs and continue on that way their whole lives.

We raise Icelandic for their dual-coated fleece and wonderful meat. I have milked a few in the past, but we have not delved into that market. There are Icelandic dairies in the US and this is one aspect of the sheep that is being talked about more and more.

The outer coat of the wool is called tog and the inner softer coat is thel. Spun together or separately they are wonderful. The tog by itself can be used for warp, the thel for next to skin items. Spun together they become the famous lopi yarn that is renown for sweaters, socks and what every you want to make.

We sell fleeces in the grease or washed, and have some roving in natural colors. Easy to dye with Kool-Aid or your own favorite dyes, you can color it any way you would like.

While we have sold lamb in the past, we are looking for a new processor so would like to steer your interest for Icelandic lamb to “Wolf Ridge Lamb and Wool” for any meat products at this time. They are found online and are able to ship.

We are now almost a completely polled flock. Will try and get a picture of the horned girl that we kept that is quite the looker. Boo will have to shear her.

We do sell a few select animals for breeding stock each year. Contact us for availability and price.